These Women Produced an Anthem For Ladies Their Age… And It Is AWESOME.

For some people, fame comes early in life during their childhood, teenage or young adult years. For others, like country singer Donnalou Stevens, fame came in her senior years. Her song “Older Ladies” with its accompanying music video has gone viral across the internet, prompting tears of laughter and joy from all those who watch it. Even more amazing than the song is the story behind the singer.

Born in Austin, TX, Stevens came into the world with a strong-willed spirit and a talent to perform. She knew that she wanted to be famous and strived for success at a young age. Unfortunately, many of those around her didn’t understand her fiery spirit and tried to force her to conform to stereotypical societal roles.

The pressure to conform quashed her self-esteem, resulting in an eating disorder that she fought for 20 years, accompanied by 35 years of physical pain that she experienced as a result of the stress and depression. Unable to work, she finally decided that she either needed to end her life or learn to love it. She chose to accept it and began writing music. Through the writing process, she healed herself as she learned to love her life and to be her true self.

Her acceptance of the physical aspects of her body are portrayed in the song, “Older Ladies,” where Stevens croons about the different aspects of aging in a humorous manner. From sagging skin to gray hair to an un-tucked tummy, Stevens sings a message of learning to accept and love the aging body. She boldly declares that these so-called physical imperfections are a part of her and sings to the world, “And if that’s the reason that you don’t love me, maybe that’s not love.”

While Stevens may have had trouble accepting her body and life in her younger years, her confidence, joy and love that she has for it today shines through as she sings. Her humorous description of aging as an older lady is spreading confidence and happiness to thousands of women who watch the video, promoting Stevens to a role above fame and notoriety to that of a role model.

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