These Soldiers Just Got Home From War But When They See THIS They Are At A Loss For Words

In 2003, Budweiser released a commercial during the Super Bowl between the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showing soldiers arriving at an airport in the United States.

What should have been a normal walk through the airport turned wonderfully unusual when one unseen person in the crowd started applauding. Others did the same. Soon a full-on standing ovation was being done as they strolled through. Some in the crowd even reach out to shake the hands of some soldiers passing by. As their walk finishes, the screen fades to black, and a simple “Thank you” shows in white text.

Although it was staged, this commercial struck home to a lot of viewers. When the commercial was released in 2003 America was in the early stages of the war in Afghanistan. While questions did arise as to why there was a war in Afghanistan, the troops were supported and many Americans wanted to see all of them return home safely.

The commercial’s aim was to thank the soldiers that went overseas to fight for us when they didn’t have to. It made many others swell up with pride not only for the soldiers, but for the people at home supporting them.

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