These Sisters Get Their Wisdom Teeth Removed The Same Time. What The Camera Captures? LOL

So their teenage daughters just had both wisdom teeth extracted, and the two parents can’t stop laughing! Both girls’ heads are swathed in bandages and their mouths are full of gauze.

They can hardly talk and everything they say is totally hysterical. Their mom finds the situation so hilarious that she tells her husband she can’t drive, pulls to the side of the road and starts filming her girls’ half-shouted, half-mumbled nonsense phrases.

The two girls are obviously still slightly woozy from their anesthesia, and you can’t get enough of listening to their statements and their parents reactions. Although Bri and Jess Watson are twins, their reactions to their surgery are radically different. As the mother puts it near the end of the video clip “Jess is crying; Bri is laughing.”

Jess is totally distraught, embarrassed and scandalized that her mother is trying to take pictures of her with her swollen face and bandages. Then she begins to moan and cry because she can’t remember any of the important biology facts she memorized the night before. Bri, however, loves the new hairdo the “bandage headband” creates. These twins really should start the Jess and Bri Comedy Show!

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