These Parents Hired A Surrogate – But What The Ultrasound Reveals? An Unfathomable Request

A couple who was trying to conceive turned to a surrogate. They chose Crystal Kelley, who is a single mother. Surrogates can be a blessing to couples who want a child. However, things can sometimes go wrong. When Crystal received an ultrasound halfway through her pregnancy, it revealed that the baby had neurological issues and heart defects.

The doctors told Crystal that the baby only had a 25 percent chance of living a normal life. The couple told Crystal to have an abortion, but she refused. They told Crystal that aborting the baby would be the right thing because they did not want the child to come into the world and suffer.

She stated that she could not go through with it because she felt the baby squirm and kick. She also stated that she knew her baby had a fighting spirit.

The couple continued to persuade Crystal to get an abortion, so she decided to go to Michigan. She wanted the court to give her parental rights. The girl was born with cleft palate and heart defects, but she was adopted into a loving family. She will need to have several surgeries, but she will grow up with two parents who love her.

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