These Dads Strut From The Garage, Then The Beat Drops

It is always interesting to people’s takes on rap, and their attempts to make their own rap videos. This video shows one very unique artistic composition, done by a group of four dads in honor of Father’s Day. The name of the song is “Dad Life.”

The video is actually quite a bit better than many people would believe it to be based on the above description. Contained in the song is a humorous commentary about a lot of what is entailed in fatherhood. They rap about how they have “dozens of dollars” that go to their wives and daughters, for instance. They seem to be very self aware and have a lot of things to say about their lives as dads to which a lot of other dads will be able to relate quite well.

The way that they edit together the images and show off their moves in the video is quite impressive as well, in addition to the wisdom within the song itself. The clips within the video include scenes of all four of the dads in situations that stereotypical dads would be experiencing on a regular basis, as well as clips of the individual dads dancing on their own.

Almost any father will get a kick out of watching this video. It may even inspire other videos just like it. They have created a video that is very impressive in terms of style, composition, and its ability to relate to other people in the same situation.

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