These Awkward Dads Take Their Spots Onstage. When Their Daughters Arrive They Do THIS! LOL!

This article details a fun video featuring fathers and daughters. In a performance in a high school auditorium, the dads and daughters dance a choreographed routine to “A Night to Remember,” from the popular film High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

With the dads in sharp shirts and ties and the daughters in their gorgeous prom dresses, the routine entertains the audience in the auditorium as well as those watching the video online.

From miming the words to traditional father daughter dancing, the routine is very entertaining and celebrates the prom, one of the most important nights in a teenage girl’s life, as well as the special, familial bond between a father and a daughter.

The fathers’ love for their daughters and the daughters’ love for their fathers is evident in this video. If the love is unable to be seen in the eyes of the fathers and daughters, the mere fact that such a routine had been choreographed and rehearsed showcases a commitment from both father and daughter.

For this routine, both groups checked their pride and embarrassment at the door and performed with each other beautifully. This performance will certainly be a memory that these fathers and daughters will share with each other for years to come. Its importance will be made all the more intense by the fact that the video of the performance has gone viral and has led to this article.

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