Their Daughter Complained Of A Thief Coming Into Her Room Every Night. See What They Caught On Tape

An eight-year-old girl feared she was being haunted for several nights. As she slept, her beloved toys seemed to vanish without a trace. Even her mother noticed the mysterious disappearances, prompting her to set up a night-vision surveillance camera outside her daughter’s bedroom door. Little did she know, the culprit was living right under their roof.

Joann Moser knows her children are smart cookies, but she had no idea how crafty her 2-year-old son could be. In the video, you can see the little boy quietly sneaking out of his bedroom. His sister’s door is only a few toddler steps away, but locked. That’s when the resourceful 2-year-old pulls out his handy nail clippers to “pick” the lock.

His break-in was quick and seamless. Once the door popped open, he went straight for his sister’s Pillow Pet, then back to his bed.

After reviewing the unmistakable evidence, the Moser family broke into hysterics over the pint-sized toy thief. What was presumed a creepy ghostly encounter, will now make for a hilarious story for years to come. Perhaps the 2-year-old’s “lock pick” will be confiscated, and the little girl can finally rest peacefully with her reunited toys.

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