The Ultimate Girl Scout Cookie And Wine Pairing Guide

The Ultimate Girl Scout Cookie And Wine Pairing Guide

One of the best ways to explore the complex flavors of the Girl Scout cookie is to pair this childhood treat with your favorite adult treat: Wine!

Adults have been going crazy over the idea that their favorite nostalgic cookies can taste even better with a full-bodied vino. Check out some of our favorite pairing options below to take your Girl Scout cookie fixation to the next level.

1. Thin Mints and Merlot
Thin Mints are the most prized cookie in the Girl Scout Cookie repertoire. They can be eaten slightly melty or even frozen. It’s no surprise that they pair well with a full-bodied merlot. Their light texture and minty flavor balance well with a wine that can handle its weight. The dark chocolate also pairs well with the deep flavor of the merlot.

2. Do-Si-Dos and Zweigelt
Another retro Girl Scout flavor is the Do-Si-Do cookie. These have a crumbling oatmeal exterior and a rich peanut butter center. Since this cookie is a little richer than the others, it would pair better with a wine that has a light, fruity after tones. The Zweigelt is the best wine for this cookie since its light texture doesn’t compete with the power of the peanut butter.

3. Savannah Smiles and Riesling
One of the most underrated cookies in the Girl Scout line, the Savannah smiles are popular because of their simplicity. They have a light lemony flavor and a crumbly texture. This makes them perfect to pair with a delicate Riesling. The sweetness of the Riesling goes well with the slightly tart taste of the cookie. The light glaze coating on the cookie is slightly reminiscent of the sweetness of the Riesling, too. This makes this cookie and wine pairing a match made in Girl Scout heaven.

4. Trefoils and Prosecco
These little morsels might be quite simplistic, but the pack a lot of punch. Shortbread cookies have a high butter and high fat content, so the best wine for these would be a dry sparkling wine like prosecco. Dry sparkling wines have the power to cut through the thick and velvety taste of the Trefoils and balance out their sumptuous ingredients.

5. Rah-Rah Raisin and Pinot Noir
You might not recognize this non-retro raisin cookie, but the Rah-Rah raisin is sure to be your favorite if you pair it with a pinot noir. The pinot has a dry finish that balances out the slight sweetness of the raisins and the cookie’s chewy oatmeal texture. The creamy Greek yogurt in this cookie also adds a slight tang to balance out the flavors.

6. Samosas and Tawney Port
One of the other fan favorites, the Samosa, is delicious all on its own. When you pair it with a Tawney port, the flavor sensations go through the roof! The samosa is filled with silky coconut and layered with chocolate. This is just the thing to go with a smoky port that has a velvety texture.

7. Tagalongs and Madera Wine
Tagalongs are the Girl Scouts answer to the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. These little cookies are covered in chocolate and are filled with a delicious surprise – peanut butter! Pair these little gems with a sweet Madera wine. The salty peanut butter is the perfect accompaniment to the wine’s sweet aftertaste.

8. Toffee-Tastic and Champagne
What’s better than champagne and strawberries? Champagne and Toffee-Tastic cookies! Some think that champagne goes with nearly any food. Yet the best foods to pair with a dry, sparkling wine are nice and sweet. Toffee-Tastics are one of the sweeter Girl Scout cookies, so they go perfect with a lighter, dryer wine.

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