The Obstruction of Justice Case Against the Trump White House Just Got Much Stronger

The Obstruction of Justice Case Against the Trump White House Just Got Much Stronger

With everything going on in the political sphere, it is difficult to follow all the most important developments, and one of those developments that went relatively under the radar was a recent report released by the Washington Post that claimed prior to the firing of James Comey on May 9th, top officials from the White House pressured intelligence agents to deal with Comey directly in relation to the investigation of Michael Flynn. The report basically stated that the White House sought to have the investigation closed by pressuring Comey to drop the case.

Many people might wonder why such a revelation is relevant, and the answer is quite simple. First, it points to the idea that the FBI’s investigation into the connection between Russia and the Trump administration was being systematically obstructed with purpose and planning, and it also reveals that others beyond Trump himself sought to have the investigation quashed. It is already known that Trump himself asked Comey to ease the pressure on the investigation into Michael Flynn when the two met privately before the former FBI Director was fired.

Interestingly enough, this story was kept relatively quiet, and many chose instead to focus on the fact that Trump apparently instructed the head of the NSA and the National Intelligence Director to deny publicly that the Trump campaign had any connection with the Russian government with respect to the recent election and their involvement in it. That revelation alone is quite damning, especially when one considers the reasoning behind such an order.

Now that it is public knowledge that Trump was directly attempting to stop the investigation into Michael Flynn, it points to a much more sinister motive behind his desire to publicly deny any connection to the Russians. When it became revealed that he attempted to persuade Comey to drop the investigation before he was fired, many lawmakers and politicians decided that they seriously needed to consider impeachment and charges of obstruction of justice. It also increased the need for a special investigation into the connection between Trump, his administration, and the Russians.

As more and more details emerge from the White House and Washington in general, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the White House specifically wanted to prevent the investigation from moving forward, so much so that they even attempted to convince top intelligence agents to aid in the deception. If Trump and his administration were truly innocent of any wrongdoing, they wouldn’t have to work so hard to get those with legitimate credibility to support him. Reports of such activity have been cropping up since February when it was revealed that the White House had specifically asked the FBI to ignore or downplay any potential negative behavior from anyone in the Trump administration.

Many have made the connection between Trump and his attempts to force credibility upon himself with the actions of Richard Nixon and his attempts to have the CIA stop the FBI’s famous Watergate investigation. Of course, whether or not there is any actual relationship between the two events has yet to be seen, and more evidence is necessary to determine what is happening in the current political arena. Trump may have made many of the same public mistakes when it comes to garnering support, but his attempts to have the FBI’s Russia investigation shut down is much more in line with that Nixonian activity. Only time will tell if Trump suffers the same fate as Nixon as a result of his actions. Many have stated that Trump deserves worse than Nixon since he may very well be guilty of treason as well.

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