The Miami Herald Drops Devastating Donald Trump Announcement

The Miami Herald Drops Devastating Donald Trump Announcement

In a riveting turn of events, the Miami Herald has come forward to endorse one candidate for president: Hillary Rodham Clinton. Destroying the narrative that Clinton is the “lesser of the two evils”, the editorial board detailed the myriad of ways in which Clinton is not just a superior candidate, but the only real candidate for president.

Pointing out the manner in which Donald Trump has stirred up a frothy mess of xenophobia in America, the editors noted that he uses people’s worst fears against them. This glowing endorsement of Clinton goes on to note that she has been a fearless advocate for disenfranchised women and children all over the world, and that this election should not be a referendum on her husband in any way. The board speaks of her leadership capabilities, as well as her deep commitment to public service.

Contrasting Clinton’s rock-solid experience with government—and Donald Trump’s record of self-interest—the paper pulls no punches when critiquing the GOP candidate’s lack of experience. Pointing out that his “Make America Great Again” slogan does not seem to be backed up by any specific actions, the editors go on to highlight Trump’s scary record when dealing with demographics that do not reflect his own. They point out that he doesn’t seem to support any true conservative ideals, such as a free press and an adherence to the Constitution. In addition, his ever-changing viewpoints on topics such as abortion and other issues makes people believe that he doesn’t have a clear stance on any issue.

The Herald also makes mention of Trump’s 2005 “Access Hollywood” hot mic video, in which he is heard making vile comments about women and portraying himself as a proud sexual predator. In closing, the newspaper refers to Trump as a self-serving charlatan who would only damage the country.

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