The Kids All Suddenly Freeze In Place On Playground. Seconds Later, We Realize What’s Happening

Military families make huge sacrifices to support the country, and it can sometimes be difficult for children. They usually have to move around the country frequently, and they can struggle to make and keep friends when they don’t stay in the same area for long. If one of their parents is deployed, they may have to wait months or years to see them again.

Although military families face difficulties, the sense of community in a military base can be helpful. Most military kids grow up learning about respect and support for their country and those who protect it.

On a North Carolina Marine Corps base, one mom, Danielle, decided to film her children as they played on the playground. She stood by the back door of her house and recorded her kids and their friends as they used the swingset. None of the kids were aware of her filming, but she caught something incredible as the retreat began playing.

As soon as the retreat started, a couple of the kids stopped swinging immediately and stood at attention. The others stopped their swings as fast as they could and followed suit. They stayed at full attention until the music stopped, and they went back to playing, jumping around, and swinging right away.

Danielle uploaded the video to YouTube, saying, “Marine Corps kids playing on the playground on base… when colors sound this is what happens. And what SHOULD happen!” The video has received more than 3.5 million views since it was posted, and hundreds of people have commented with compliments about how respectful all of the kids are.

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