Teenager Turns Free Year’s Supply Of Pizza Into Gigantic Charitable Donation

Hannah Spooner is a 19-year-old girl who is living in Detroit, Michigan. Last year, she won a year’s supply of free pizza from Little Caesars. She won the pizza by entering a raffle. She was randomly selected and won $500 worth of pizza. Hannah decided that she was going to be charitable and donate the pizza to people who really needed it.

Hannah decided to donate the pizza to Covenant House Michigan, which is a homeless shelter for adults who are between the ages of 18 and 24. The people there were thrilled because they loved pizza. Hannah stated in an interview with “Inside Edition” that Detroit gets a lot of negative attention from the media, so she wanted the city to make headlines for a good reason.

Little Caesars threw a party at the homeless shelter after they heard about Hannah’s donation. Hannah has received a lot of positive attention because of her donation. She stated on Facebook that she is happy to help the community.

She is also happy that the story is being shared all over social media. She stated that people today are consumed with all of the negativity in the world. She hopes that people will take the time to focus on all of the good that is in the world.

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