Taps Dancer Starts To STUN The Entire Crowd Then 2 Tap Dancers Sneak Behind Him..

Dancing is an art that has been around for thousands of years. No one really knows when it started. Long ago, perhaps a lone human decided to start dancing around a campfire to help tell a story about a big hunt. Maybe someone start dancing spontaneously to demonstrate their joy at finding a mate or safely escaping a predator. Even though we don’t know when dancing crept into human culture, we can certainly chart its development over time. For example, tap dancing is a type of dancing almost everyone can recognize. This dancing puts large amounts of emphasis on the sounds of the dancer’s feet. People love watching this type of dancing. However, people love it even more when tap dancing is mixed up with Irish dancing. You can see how much people enjoy this in a video that is currently making its way around the Internet. At first, you see some spectacular tap dancers. What happens next is amazing.

The video opens with two talented tap dancers showing off their tapping skills. They are on a stage with an urban backdrop, and the two tap dancers are dressed in black. Looking cool and handsome, the two dancers perform some impressive tap dancing routines. A terrific part is when the two dancers tap dance down a set of stairs completely in step with each other. Meanwhile, a saxophone wails a jazzy tune to the tap dancing beat. The camera is careful to zoom in on the feet of the tap dancers. Up close, you can see the incredible control required for tap dancing.

Suddenly, three men in white shirts step on the stage. Their backs are incredibly straight, and the trio is accompanied by a violinist. The three men launch into an Irish dancing routine. It is amazing to see how in control the three men are of their feet and legs. The tap dancers quickly take notice, and they appear confused. They watch the three dancers with a bit of admiration. They understand that the two different styles of dancing overlap. The tap dancers understand the Irish dancers certainly demand a degree of respect. However, this doesn’t mean the tap dancers want to keep their tap dancing talents hidden from this group of interlopers. The tap dancers soon launch into a rival routine. The stage quickly becomes the setting for a dance contest between these two groups of incredibly talented dancers.

There are so many amazing things that happen during this dancing contest. For example, it is great to hear the violinist and saxophone compete to have their music heard. Additionally, it is comical to see the two tap dancers make gentle fun of the Irish dancers. One of the tap dancers even pretends to be an Irish dancer for a moment. In a highlight for the tap dancers, one of the tap dancers launches into an incredible series of tapping spins on his toes all the way across the stage. Not be be outdone, the Irish dancers quickly create some smooth moves of their own. They launch into amazing leaps and kicks that seem impossible for the tap dancers to replicate.

The best part of the video is at the end. After such fierce competition, the two groups decide to set their rivalries aside and dance as one unit. It is an incredible final act. It makes you love both styles of dance.

Did you enjoy the tap dancers? What did you think about the Irish dancers showing off their moves? Do you think one group did better than the other? Let us know in the comments below!

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