Supreme Court Has Some VERY BAD News, For GOP Conspiracists Of Planned Parenthood Edits…

Supreme Court Has Some VERY BAD News, For GOP Conspiracists Of Planned Parenthood Edits…

The Center for Medical Progress, a company that released videos against Planned Parenthood in which they made deceptive claims that the company sold baby parts, has recently received some bad news from the Supreme Court. This Friday, Justice Anthony Kennedy from the Supreme Court denied the group’s emergency appeal. The group made the appeal in order to avoid a district court order that would force them to release a full list of their donors and supporters.

Justice Kennedy denied their appeal almost as soon as it was made, so it seems as though the group will be forced to release the names of the individuals who funded their video against Planned Parenthood. Many people are also suspicious of the group’s agenda. The National Abortion Federation claimed in a lawsuit that members of the group gained access to Planned Parenthood’s meetings by lying about who they were and claiming that they would not reveal the conversations that took place in those meetings.

Federal Judge William Orrick also agreed it was time for the group to release the information they have been asked for. None of the group’s efforts to block the Judge’s order have been successful. James Bopp Jr., an antiabortion advocate, even tried to use legal reasoning to block the order, but he was unsuccessful. The group also tried to say that David Daleiden, their lead investigator, was required to protect the sources of his information since he was also a journalist.

The judge dismissed this information along with the group’s claims that if their backers’ information was released it would result in retaliation. The group has been given until midnight on Friday to release the names of their key supporters. Despite the video’s criticism, the group still has it displayed on their website, and they continue to claim that the information presented in it is the truth.

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