Stranger Bangs On The Door, Tells Girl To Hide. See What Her Brother Miraculously Does…

A miraculous story is circulating the globe about a 14-year-old who saved the life of a sexual assault victim. On a cold night during the winter of 2013, teenager James Persyn III was taking care of his young siblings while their parents were temporarily away from the home.

All of a sudden, a loud pounding emitted from their front door, and the banging was accompanied by a woman’s screams. The voice shouted, “Let me in!” As soon as Persyn opened the front door, a frightened young woman burst inside the house and begged for help. She explained amid her fright that a man had kidnapped her, and he was ultimately attempting to murder her.

Persyn immediately understood the severity of the situation and directed the woman, as well as the young children, into the bathroom for shelter. He told them to stay in the bathtub while he armed himself with a hunting knife he had been gifted for Christmas. Persyn’s younger sister called the police for help, and Persyn phoned his father to inform him about the situation.

Only a few moments later, another pounding emitted from the door. It was now the woman’s attacker threatening harm against the woman, as well as Persyn and his family. Find out how this story unfolds by watching the video. Persyn’s community was in utter awe of the events that took place that fateful day.

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