Steven Tyler Runs Encounters Devastated Fan In Drugstore – So He Does Something Unbelievably Kind!

Anthony Yorfido went to the ball after all–that is, to the Aerosmith show in Welland, Ontario.

Anthony, who has Down syndrome, really wanted to go, but the tickets were sold out. He was devastated, and thought his chance to see Aerosmith was over. But on the day of the show, when Anthony and his mom were in a medical supply store, they noticed a limousine parked out front. And then Anthony saw a figure that he recognized standing nearby.

“Oh, my God, Steven Tyler, is that you?” he gasped.

Anthony ran and gave Steven a big hug, which the rock star gladly returned, also giving Anthony’s mom a kiss on the forehead. When Steven found out they weren’t able to get tickets to the show, he said that was no problem.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, you guys are coming with me,” he assured Anthony and his mom. “I’ll get you backstage passes.”

But that wasn’t all. During the show, Steven brought Anthony up on stage. With encouragement from Steven, Anthony played the marachas to resounding guitar riffs. The delighted crowed roared its approval, and then cheered a thrilled Anthony as he descended from the stage.

There wasn’t a happier fan than Anthony at the show that night.

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