Single Most Awkward Moment of Trump’s Past – He Doesn’t Want You To See This

If you think it is difficult to believe that Donald Trump will be the President of the United States within just a few days, this video will make you scratch your head even more. Although Trump has made his living off of claiming that he is an extraordinary businessman, it is truly his passion for flashing wealth—and his strange brand of entertainment—that has brought in real income within the past few decades.

Since Trump did star on The Apprentice reality TV show, there are plenty of clips available of him doing strange things. This one, however, truly takes the cake. Back in 2005, Trump came out during the Emmys broadcast, dressed in a farmer’s costume and signing an off-key version of “Green Acres” alongside TV star Megan Mullally.

As soon as he opens his mouth and begins to croak out the tune, the uncomfortable expression on Mullally’s face is immediately visible. He then puts his hand around her shoulders, which seems to make her even more uncomfortable. From there, the performance only seems to get worse.

Trump caps off the whole embarrassing experience by leaning in for a kiss from Mullally, who seems to shrink back from his embrace. As far as bizarre television appearances go, this one would be very hard to beat.

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