Single Mom Living In Shelter, Can’t Afford Rent – But One Stranger Changes Her Life…

Angel went to her job at Modell’s on one regular day and was asked train an individual she thought was a new associate. But the mother of three had no idea that her life was a bout to be turned inside out. It was revealed to Angel that she was being filmed for a documentary as she trained the associate – however, she was really being secretly filmed for an episode of “Undercover Boss.” – and what her boss learned was tough.

On the show, the boss of the company is secretly disguised and works undercover in lower positions in order to identify problems, meet the employees and understand the hidden aspects of their company. While some employees end up being fired or disciplined as a result of the show, most employers end up realizing that their employees deserve more. Angel ended up working with the CEO of Modell’s, Mitchel Modell, who had shaved his head and grown a mustache in order to change his appearance.

Like many single moms, Angel needed a helping hand in order to get her life together. Angel confided to Mitchell that her life hadn’t always been this way, though she loves her job at Modell’s. When she was only 25, she became pregnant and ended up losing her job as a restaurant manager. She was homeless for a period of time before finding a place to live in a local shelter.

Brave and proud, Angel insisted that Mitchell not feel sorry for her. She was unaware as she candidly spoke that she was pouring out her heart to the one man who had the power to change her life. Mitchell was horrified that his employee couldn’t make enough to afford rent, and resolved to change that.

At the end of the show, Mitchell reveals himself to Angel and the other employees. During the big reveal, Mitchell gave her a $14,000 raise and presented her with a tax-free check of $250,000, which will allow her to buy a home for her family and maintain a comfortable life. Angel collapsed to the ground as a result of the generous gift, giving the audience and Mitchell an understanding of how much the gift means to her and her family.

This story is demonstrative fo a LOT of American families: mother or father or both (and sometimes kids) work their butts off day in and day out for minimum wage and just can’t afford the cost of living. America has one of the lowest minimum wages in the first world – and why? Because Republicans refuse to even consider raising the federal minimum wage to match other developed county’s. Until we can find room in our Nation’s immense wealth to pay people enough to live comfortable, normal lives. Angel’s story will play out again and again across America , until this problem is bluntly handled.

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