She’s Outside Crying All Alone, When A Stranger Walks Up And Turns Her Life Upside Down

Jeff decided that he was going to take the extra money that he had to get his car washed. While he was at the car wash, he met a woman who was in tears. The woman was a single mother who was unemployed.

The tires on her car had worn thin, and she could not afford to replace them. Jeff wanted to help the woman, but he talked to his wife first. Jeff’s wife stated that it was okay to help the single mother. Instead of getting his car washed, Jeff spent the money on getting the woman’s tires replaced.

Jeff stated that he and his wife had been living paycheck to paycheck for a long time, so spending all the money they had was something that they were accustomed to. The woman, whose name is Christi, stated that she got goose bumps after Jeff helped her. She stated that she could not believe that someone would care enough to help her.

Interestingly, Jeff found himself in the same situation the next day. He ran over a nail and needed to replace his tires. CBS-5 news heard about the situation and did not want Jeff’s good deed to go unnoticed. They presented him with $500. Jeff stated that it does not matter how much money you have. Anytime that you get the chance to pay it forward and be a blessing to someone else, you should.

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