Shepherd Pup Is Starving, But How He ‘Tells’ His Owner Make You Burst Out Laughing!

Apollo is one hungry German Shepherd! After eating a meal, the adorable dog realized he was still hungry. Eager to alert his owner, Apollo tries his hardest to get more food. The video shows the hilarious antics as Apollo tries everything to make his owner understand. The video begins with Apollo staring longingly at his empty dog bowl. Once he notices that his owner is paying attention, he begins to paw at the bowl.

When that doesn’t seem to get the results he wants, he leads his camera-wielding owner to the pantry. Once his owner opens the pantry door, Apollo nudges the canister of dog food. The owner continues filming to see what the desperate dog will do next. Apollo stares at his owner as if to say, “C’mon man. You know what I want!” He barks enthusiastically when he is asked if he is hungry.

As his owner repeatedly asks what Apollo wants, he cocks his head back and forth. Once he realizes his owner isn’t taking the bait, Apollo takes it a step further and brings his bowl to the pantry. He continues to pace around his bowl and using his big puppy dog eyes to plead to his owner for more food. It seems his owner is immune to Apollo’s cuteness. It is then we learn that Apollo is being sneaky. His owner tells him it is only the middle of the day and Apollo just ate lunch. Poor Apollo will just have to wait until dinner time.

Despite his unsuccessful endeavors, Apollo proved that he is not just absolutely adorable but also extremely intelligent. Filmed and uploaded by his owner, the video has been shared and watched thousands of times, which makes Apollo a viral superstar. Check it out for yourself!

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