She Wouldn’t Wake Up From Her C-Section. So Doctors Do THIS To Wake Her Up. What A Miracle…

When a mother has a C-section, it’s usually expected that everything will be alright. Some women have to be put to sleep in order to have the procedure done for the health of the mom and the baby. One woman didn’t wak up from her C-section until doctors had an idea that saved her life.

The mother is young, only 23 at the time of the birth of her daughter, and she doesn’t remember a lot about the day her daughter was born. She knows that she was on a stretcher and being taken to the operating room. The young mother was afraid of having the procedure done because she didn’t know if she would wake up after it was over.

The woman needed to have an emergency C-section for her daughter to be delivered. As she was asleep on the operating table, a blood clot traveled from her leg to the rest of her body. This small clot caused the mother to go into a coma. A week went by, and the mother still wouldn’t respond.

The nurses decided to place the baby on the mother’s skin. Nurses thought that the cries of the baby would wake the mother, but the baby fell asleep. They woke the baby up, and she started to cry. These cries slowly woke this mother up from her coma when nothing else would work.

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