She Waves Her Arms At A Bear From Her Car, And No One Expected The Bear To React Like This…

It’s always incredible to see moments where animals act like humans. On rare occasions, you may catch your pet or even a wild animal behaving similarly to people. One woman caught an amazing moment on camera when she waved to a bear and the bear waved back.

Most bears are very curious and playful. They love to explore their surroundings, and although most scientists consider them to be solitary animals, they sometimes enjoy playing with other bears. Because the range size of their habitat is usually fairly small, bears don’t often meet up in the wild. However, when two bears do come across each other and they have no reason to compete, they sometimes will playfully wrestle together. Bears, like humans, can also have distinct moods and personalities. We rarely see these human-like qualities in bears because they usually occur in fast and fleeting moments, but it can be hilarious and adorable when we do get a glimpse of it.

This video is only seven seconds long, but it perfectly captures a bear behaving like a human. The woman featured in the video is sitting in a passenger seat of a car as the car passes by a bear behind a fence. She reaches her hand out the window and waves to the bear. As the bear sees this, he briefly waves back to the woman before sitting back down. He even seems to nod to the woman briefly, as if he’s saying hello.

Since the video was uploaded a few years ago, it has been viewed more than two million times. Hundreds of people have commented about how funny the video is and how polite the bear is.

Although this video shows a bear behaving in a cute and harmless way, bears are wild animals. Bears are usually not aggressive, but people should always be careful when they see one. It can sometimes be hard to interpret a bear’s behavior, so it’s best to be careful and keep your distance from bears and other wild animals.

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