She Was Swimming When The Tide Pulled Her Under. Then Look Who Saved Her

While on their family vacation, Lisa and her brother decided to go for a quick swim. For the past few years they had gone to the same beach every summer. Lisa is 15 years old. Both she and her brother are known to be excellent swimmers.

During this summer vacation though, things did not go as well as beach visits in times past. The problem was that the tide began to rise and it was difficult for Lisa to make it back to shore. The current made it difficult for her brother to help her. All that Lisa could do was to yell for help.

Then, a hero came to save her. Norman is a yellow Labrador retriever. He was adopted by Annette McDonald from a rescue shelter when he was a year old. Not too long after bringing him home, Annette discovered that Norman was blind.

On the day that Lisa and her brother went for a swim, Annette did something out of the ordinary. She decided to skip work and took Norman for a walk. Norman immediately heard Lisa yelling for help and listened intently as he got closer and closer to her. As Lisa began to brace for the worse, Norman rescued her. She held onto him as he pulled her to the beach. Annette said, ‘Norman’s your guardian angel.’

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