She Wakes Up And Can’t Walk – So Her Sister Asks If She Drank This…

Rhonda’s sister became very sick in October 2001. She woke up with stomach spasms and could not walk. She suffered from constant pain that was severe. Rhonda talked about her sister’s ordeal on her blog. Rhonda’s sister had several muscle and tissue biopsies, and doctors still could not find out what was wrong.

The doctors initially believed that Rhonda’s sister suffered from multiple sclerosis. Rhonda remembered reading an article about the effects of aspartame. She then asked her sister if she drank diet soda. Rhonda’s sister stated that she did drank diet soda. She stopped drinking diet soda, and she could walk again within 32 hours. The muscle spasms also went away.

That is why Rhonda decided to raise awareness about aspartame poisoning. Aspartame is a sweetener found in many sugar-free products, including diet soda. Elevated blood pressure, dizziness, decreased vision and headaches are some of the symptoms of aspartame poisoning. Rhonda’s sister was poisoned by the aspartame from all of the diet sodas she drank.

Pepsi released announced that it would be removing aspartame from its products and replacing it with sucralose, which is another sweetener. Unlike aspartame, sucralose is not absorbed by the body. That is why it is a better alternative.

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