She Tries To Show the Colt How to Jump, Watch How the Mother Communicates With Her Young –

Most babies, no matter what their species, learn by example, watching what their parents and others do and imitating them. The world can seem like a very intimidating place to a youngster who is just figuring it all out, so the reassurance of seeing an adult tackle a challenging task is extremely valuable.

One young foal was extremely uncertain when it came to the fence dividing its lawn. Though the stone barrier was only a few inches high, the colt wasn’t sure what to do about it, and it paced around nervously.

That was when his mother came over and led him away from the fence, only to get a running start and show him how easily she could clear it with a small jump. The colt followed in his mother’s footsteps and got over the fence easily.

Not all obstacles presented throughout one’s youth will be overcome so quickly, but it is certainly heartening to know that there are older, more experienced folks who can lead the way for us. Just as a wobbly-legged colt learns to run and leap with confidence in the shadow of his mother, a person flourishes under the guidance of parents and other wise mentors who have been through the trials of early life already.

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