She Ties a T-Shirt Around Her Wet Hair. Just Hours Later? Best Idea I’ve Seen In A Long Time

Full-bodied, gorgeous curls are a trend this year – however, many people find it difficult to achieve natural looking curls without the use of a curling iron. Curling irons can damage hair, so no-heat methods are preferable. Plopping the hair is a new way to get perfect curls without any heating products that results in natural, full-bodied curls that are smooth and free from frizz.

To try plopping, start with hair that has just been shampooed and is wet from the shower. Gently dry the hair with a towel until it is no longer saturated with water. Spray a heat protectant spray onto the hair. Although this method does not utilize heat to curl the hair, the spray will add moisture and volume once the hair has dried. Next, a keratin-based smoothing serum should be applied all over the hair. This will keep the hair free from frizz and allow it to stay smooth once it has curled. Last, apply a leave-in conditioner to help the hair to stay healthy and prevent it from drying out.

Both products should be applied using a quarter-sized amount of each hair product. The products should only be applied from the top of the ears and down, to prevent too much build-up occurring on the top of the head, which will weigh down the hair and cause it to look greasy. The hair should then be combed with a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the products through the hair and remove any tangles or knots. Once the hair has been thoroughly combed through, smooth out a large cotton T-shirt onto the counter or the bed. While bending forward, flip the hair over the head until it is dangling over the T-shirt. The head should be gently lowered onto the T-shirt, allowing the curls to coil up naturally. Going slowly will prevent the curls from getting kinked or tangled. Without moving the head, the bottom of the T-shirt should be grabbed firmly with the hands. It should then be wrapped toward around the sides and toward the base of the neck. The top of the T-shirt should next be pulled toward the base of the neck. The sleeves should then be firmly held while standing up straight. Finally, the sleeves should be tied together on top of the forehead, holding the T-shirt firmly in place on the head.

After it has been knotted, tuck the tails of the T-shirt sleeves into the knot to prevent it from becoming untied. Sleep with the T-shirt in the hair overnight or leave in for at least eight hours. Though it may feel a little wobbly, if it was tied correctly, the T-shirt will stay in place. In the morning, carefully remove the T-shirt. The curls will be dried, smooth, soft and free from frizz. Some curls in the front of the head, next to the face, may need to be re-touched with a curling iron if they appear straight. Style as usual and enjoy gorgeous curls that will last all day long.

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