She Strings Flowers And Lights Through A Garden Fence…So Beautiful!

Decorating an empty wall can pose a problem for those not wanting to decorate with a poster but who are unsure of what to do with a large space. Ann Le of of the do-it-yourself YouTube channel “Anneorshine” has a solution to this common decorating dilemma.

Ann uses a large wooden picture frame, holiday lights, silk flowers and garden fencing from the hardware store to create the wall decoration. The frame is first turned over and the garden fencing is laid over the back of the frame, with a slight overlap at the edges. Next the excess fencing is cut off, and the fencing is attached to the frame using either nails or a staple gun.

The lights are then positioned onto the fencing and taped to adhere the lights. Using heavy-duty scissors, the flower stems should then be cut removed from the buds. The frame is then flipped to the front and the flowers are attached to the fencing using hot glue. A quarter of the frame should be worked on at a time to ensure that the flowers are fitting well together. Bigger flowers and leaves should be attached first with smaller flowers filling in the remaining space. Once the glue has dried, the frame is ready to be hung on the wall. An extension cord can be used, if needed, to plug in the lights.

Ann recommends using low-wattage LED lights to keep the frame and fencing from becoming too hot and posing a safety hazard. This light-up flower is sure to add appeal to any living space and is a fun do-it-yourself project for aspiring home decorators.

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