She Starts Recording Her Kids To Send A Birthday Video To Granny. But What She Captures Instead? LOL

A mother named Ruejena has posted a video on the Internet that has gone viral. Originally, her intent was to make a candid video of her two small children playing so that she could show it to their grandmother.

The video starts off showing a typical living room. An approximately four-year-old girl is dancing to the Katy Perry song E.T. playing on the television, and a baby is sitting in a bouncer.

That’s when their father, dressed casually in shorts and a t-shirt, walks into the living room with a laundry basket. He sets down the laundry basket and begins to dance and frolic with his two children in a lighthearted manner, and the two clearly love it. The older child interacts joyfully and the younger bounces happily. Finally, the dad takes his laundry basket and leaves the room.

This is a very heartwarming video because it shows the simple joy of a father playing with his two small children. It’s clear from his relaxed manner that he didn’t know he was being filmed; there is nothing posed or forced about his movements. When the children have grown up, they can watch this video and it will likely bring back happy memories.

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