She Starts By Making A Simple Braid. But By The End Of This Tutorial? Awesome Idea!

A short hairstyle is easy to maintain but can limit your options when you’re looking for creative ways to change it. While a sliding braid looks nice and holds your hair in place, it can be altered to form a faux waterfall headband that pulls your hair out of your face and keeps every strand together with minimal effort. All you need is a bobby pin and one tiny hair elastic.

Your hair must first be separated into two unequal sections by a part that lines up with the end of your eyebrow. One section of hair should be much larger than the other. To make the braid on the side with the large portion of hair, use a strand along the part. After you’ve braided the strand and secured the end with the small hair elastic, it should lie across your head on top of the large section of hair.

At this point, you are ready to pull your hair from your face and secure it. Stick two fingers through the underside of the hair sections at the base of the braid. The first strands of hair can be swept from your forehead and guided through the hole with your fingers. Along the braid, holes can be opened up for strands of hair from the front of your head to be pulled through and held back. You can repeat this process four or five times until the braid looks like a headband.

With the bobby pin, affix the braid’s end to an underneath portion of your hair. If you want your hair to have more body, then tease the strands that lie behind the headband. The end result is a cute, orderly style that will stay in place all day long. It’s quick and easy enough to fit into your morning routine every day, yet it looks attractive for work or school. Try your hand at this simple faux waterfall headband!

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