She Stares Into The Eyes Of A Dying Dog And Decides To Make A Miracle Happen… Amazing!

When you see an animal in pain and suffering, it’s often hard to look at but impossible to look away. One woman looked into the eyes of a dog that was dying, and a few seconds later, something miraculous happened. The dog’s name is Angel, and her story is one of utmost sadness and great redemption. She had been starved by her owners for months.

When someone finally found her and saved her life, she was at the very brink of death. She was nothing more than bones and skin, waiting to die so she didn’t have to continue living. Those who found her knew she needed a miracle, so they did everything possible to help her survive.

They fed her slowly so she wouldn’t over-engorge herself and die. After a few dys, the dog began to gain back a little weight and  started interacting with the people who saved her. She started walking again, and she made friends with many of the people who’d taken the time to make sure she would live.

From the beginning of the rescue process, when she was so skinny and frail she couldn’t stand, to the point where she is now full of life is a miraculous transformation. Angel has been adopted by a loving family, and is enjoying her miracle to the fulest.

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