She Quietly Grabs Her Camera And Hits Record When She Captures He Husband Doing THIS With Their Dog

This woman walked in on her husband in a difficult position. No, he wasn’t caught with another woman. He wasn’t displaying an outburst of anger or rage. Well, he was caught in his underwear, and doing something quite embarrassing. That is, depending on what your choice is for dance partner.

Yes, the wife took a step into her living room to see her husband working on a dance number with their dog. The dog, a French Bulldog named Pinga, was grooving right alongside her owner. They had on the hip-hop song “Whatever You Like” by rapper T.I. Both Pinga and her owner matched their movements along with the beat.

Thankfully, recording devices are easy at hand in today’s world. The wife was able to grab a video of this dance number. After uploading her video, it has gone viral. Surely, this routine was meant as an act of intimacy between dog and owner. Now the world is dancing along with them.

No, they were not recording this video for the purpose of Internet fame. It’s a hidden camera gem taken by a wife who loves both her husband and Pinga, and wants to show them to the world. When Pinga’s human dance partner noticed he was being filmed, he gets the look of a child caught sneaking in a snack before dinner. His body language says, “Oh well, you caught me.”

Now imagine what they do when the cameras aren’t running. What type of choreography are they working on when the wife isn’t home?

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