She Put Cake Batter Into Ceramic Pots. What It Looks Like When It’s Done Baking? YES!!

After learning about gardening from her mother, writer Bethany Burrows thought about using gardening supplies in the making of baked goods. She decided to use terra cotta pots as baking cups to make cupcakes.

To make the cupcakes, she lined the plant pots with simple cupcake liners and then poured the pot full of batter. Either cake or cupcake batter can be used in the pots. Then, the pots are baked in the oven just as any cupcakes would be. They may take slightly less time to cook than normal cupcakes, however, because the pots conduct heat through the batter faster.

When the cupcakes are finished, she waited until they were cooled before icing them. The resulting cupcakes can be iced to look like flowers growing out of the pots or iced in the same way as any other cupcake. She used icing bags with frosting tips on the end to get just the result she wanted from the icing.

The icing itself was a firm butter creme frosting with slightly less milk in it than normal frostings in order to allow it to fit the shape of the cupcake’s rounded top. The terra cotta pots gave these cupcakes an unusual look that is perfect for an outdoor event.

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