She Only Paints Of Her Face With Makeup And The Point She Makes Is Spot On!

Some people are critical of those who use makeup. Some might say that it promotes an image of being something a person is not. However, the woman who goes by the YouTube handle of NikkieTutorial understands that every woman is multifaceted. The truth is that makeup allows a woman to express herself as stated so poignantly in the lyrics from the classic song by Chaka Khan: “I’m every woman, it’s all in me.”

In this particular video, Nikkie sets out to show the power of a glamor makeover. It’s quite common for her to display photographs or videos of herself in full makeup only to be told by viewers they either don’t believe it is her in the images. Alternatively, other people tell her she bares no resemblance to the woman in the photographs. So in an effort to both prove she is NikkieTutorial and to illustrate the power of makeup, she sets out to apply makeup to the just the left side of her face.

She starts off by using a foundation called “Aqua Foundation” by Koh Gen. As per Nikkie, it gives her a “photoshopped” look without actually editing her images. Using another product, she eliminates the dark circles that naturally surround her eyes. She also uses the product to smoothen over variations in her complexion around her nose and mouth. Afterwards, she uses a brow pencil to give her the appearance of having full eyebrows.

Using eye shadow, she is able enlarge the natural small and hooded nature of her eyes to be big and beautiful. Watch the full video. You will not only be stunned by the transformation of one half of Nikkie’s face, but you will learn quite a bit about how to use makeup like a professional.

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