She May Seem Crazy For Putting Cake Batter In Eggshells, But The End Result Is Astonishing!

Have you ever looked at a carton of eggs and thought to yourself, “my, wouldn’t it be nice if this carton was full of little egg shaped cakes instead of actual eggs?” … Well have we got a solution for you! In this video one girl shows us how to achieve that fantasy.

In the video the female baker takes a few eggs and gently pokes a hole at the top of each one, this allows the yolk to drain out. Either a thumb tack or small pin can be used to achieve this. Once that’s finished, the inside of the egg is rinsed out to remove any remnants of yolk, and the eggs are placed in salt water to soak. At this point, the inside of the egg shell is coated in oil.

Then, after the preparing the cake batter in a separate bowl, the batter is placed into a small plastic bag. Cut small holes in each bag so they can be used to pour batter into each shell. Prior to baking, each of the shells (generally eight at a time) are placed in a small nest made of foil and then put inside of a muffin tin. After they’ve been in the over from between 12-14 minutes, the egg cake is then left out to cool. While a quick glance at the eggs may offer an opinion that only a mess was made, the excess cake that is evident on each of the eggs is removed.

Then, similarly to peeling a hard boiled egg, the shells are slowly removed and a small cake is left in the shape of an egg. The woman adds whipped cream to each of the eight egg cakes, before then also contributing a blueberry and some cinnamon to each as a final touch.

This recipe is one of many that are offered by JumbleJoy – some others include such exotic items as cheesecake baked apples, heart shaped cupcakes and thin mint truffles. These unique recipes are becoming very popular, as is illustrated by the thousands of views and shares that this video channel gets. Try this one for yourself ,and let us know what you think!

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