She Makes A Cute Kitchen Staple By Cutting Off The Top Of A Salt Container And Doing THIS…

Mason jars are great for home canning, but they can be even more useful afterward. People have come up with many creative and crafty ideas for repurposing and extending the life of the these jars.

While the most common use for old mason jars is storage for change, matches, pens and baking ingredients, they can also be used as dispensers, lanterns or even speakers. There is no limit to the possibilities. One great use for the jars is to make a highly unique salt shaker.

For this project you need: an empty salt container with a spout, a mason jar along its ring and a box cutter are required. Begin by tracing a circle around the mason jar, then cut the top off the salt container carefully with the box cutter. Trim the piece to exactly fit the jar.

Put the piece on top of the jar and use the ring to keep it in place. The jar can now be filled with just about anything. Salt, sugar, coffee, seasonings or even craft material such as beads and glitter. The spout makes it very easy to control the speed and amount of what comes out of the jar, and it also makes a interesting conversation piece for the kitchen.

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