She Looked Dumb When She Mixed Kool-Aid And Conditioner. But What She Uses It For? Best Idea!

There are some products that can be used in the hair to give a shine that shampoo and conditioner just won’t achieve. One woman added blue Kool-Aid to conditioner, and some people thought that it was a little odd. The results were amazing.

A benefit of this mixture is that you can boost the look of the hair for less than $3. The conditioner used is an inexpensive tea therapy. Three packets of Mixed Berry Kool-Aid are added to the conditioner.

This results in a hair dye that is vibrant and is sure to turn heads. This is a way to change the color of the hair without any of the harmful chemicals that are found in dyes that are over the counter.

It also helps save money that would be spent going to a salon. You will need two mixing bowls and some aluminum foil for the hair dye. Make the Kool-aid as you normally would with warm water.

Combine the Kool-Aid with conditioner, and brush on the color where you want it on the hair. You will have to wait about an hour before the color sets in, but once it does, you will have a beautiful look. Other colors can be used in the same way.

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