She Lays Newborn Twins On A Rug. Seconds Later SOMETHING Sneaks In Between Them…

She Lays Newborn Twins On A Rug. Seconds Later SOMETHING Sneaks In Between Them…

One of the first things that parents think about after having children is capturing memories. This often occurs because the parents spend so many private, emotional moments with the newborns. It is natural to want to have some type of record of that. Parents want to have pictures, videos and other mementos so that it is possible to look back in the years to come and remember those moments again. Another reason is that parents want children to know what they were like as infants and babies since those are times most people do not remember personally. This is why some people choose to specialize in recording those memories as a photographer for parents.

One family decided to enlist the help of a professional photographer to capture those special moments. Ana Brandt is a photographer from California. She has dedicated years to photographing babies and newborns. It is called maternal photography. Ana has an extensive portfolio of incredible work where it seems she is able to really bring out the beauty and innocence of children. She also has a habit of recording many photo shoots on video. She gives these videos to the parents. Brandt also posts them on her YouTube channel for the world to see and as part of her portfolio.

Ana was approached by parents who had two baby twin girls named Noor and Layla. The girls were very small and adorable. The photo session started with Ana preparing the background and props for the shoot. She took the time to comfort and relax the little girls. She was so experienced and gentle that the twins fell asleep almost right away. That is when Ana got to work. She gently positioned the twin girls in the center of a large circular rug made of dense white fur. She then took some woven cloth and started wrapping the girls in the fabric. Ana did not stop until she had the girls full inside the fabric except for their heads. The two newborns looked like beans with faces as they slept.

Ana took a large amount of time to carefully position the twins so that they were in a very specific position. She first aligned them in opposite directions so that one was facing up and the other facing down like a yin yang symbol. She photographed that and moved on to reposition them next to each other. Ana’s every movement was slow and deliberate. She seemed to have a vision in her mind that she was able to execute perfectly. She continued to pose the twins and finally started to unwrap them from the fabric.

The next stage of the shoot involves the girls on top of the same fluffy white rug. She posed the twins so that it looked like they were hugging. A few additional tweaks made it look like they were both peacefully relaxing together face to face. Ana added a headband to each of the girls. She began taking individual pictures of the girls. She was able to capture some amazing pictures that the family will be sure to cherish for a lifetime.

One of the most surprising things is that the babies never really woke up during the entire photo shoot. The mother and father eventually showed up in the video. Ana gave one twin to the mother and one to the father. She had them stand next to each other and started taking pictures. An assistant walked over at one point and adjusted their hands, hair and posture. Ana was looking for a very specific pose. She did finally achieve it and took many pictures of the entire family standing proudly together.

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