She Is Rushed Into Surgery After Calling 911. What Doctors Yank From Her Body? Pure Shock

While it seems hard to imagine, there are plenty of moms out there who never knew they were pregnant up until they were actually ready to deliver their baby. This is such a frequent occurrence that the television channel TLC made a show out of it called, “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”. One woman featured on the program got not one, but two surprises on her trip to the emergency room!

Jasmine, who is 24-years-old, had been experiencing some cramping and pain in her abdominal area. She thought it was related to her menstrual cycle, but the pain got so overwhelming that she asked her mother to take her to the emergency room at the hospital so that she could get evaluated. Her mother being quite a distance away, they decided to call an ambulance to pick Jasmine up instead.

They rushed her to the hospital. Upon examination, the doctor informed Jasmine that they were definitely not menstrual cramps she was experiencing- it was labor contractions! Jasmine was shocked. She remembered sleeping with a young man several months prior, but she had taken the morning after pill and thought nothing of it afterward.

Doctors found that the baby was breech, meaning that it was ready to come out feet first. Due to Jasmine’s condition, doctors had to rush her in for an emergency C-section to deliver her baby. Doctors delivered a baby girl, and while they were tending to her they heard the nurse in the room shout out- there was another baby! Jasmine was having twins. The second baby girl was delivered and immediately attended to. Both girls required a lot of work at first, but made vast improvements and are doing well.

Looking back, Jasmine now realizes that she can attribute her weight gain, back pain, and missed periods to her pregnancy. She has also quit smoking and drinking since having her girls, who she named Sarah and Casey.

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