She Hangs Christmas Lights Behind Her Bed, To Create The Coolest Headboard EVER!

It is simple to install a homemade light-up headboard behind any size bed which is a great accent to any home decor and filler for that blank wall space. In order to complete the project you will need the following items: a curtain rod long enough to fit your desired space, at least two boxes of 300 light mini Christmas lights, damage free plastic hooks and sheer curtains in your desired color. Sheer curtains light in color, such as white or ivory, work best.

Once acquiring all of the necessary items, assembly is simple. First hang your curtain rod to the desired length and height above your bed. Next, apply your hooks to the wall in an evenly spaced straight line right below the curtain rod.

Hang your Christmas lights by draping them around the hooks and letting them cascade down towards the floor before looping them at the bottom to bring them back up to drape over the hooks again. Be sure to untangle the wires if needed.

Finally, hang your curtains on the rod and arrange the panels as desired. All that is left for you to do is turn on the lights and step back to enjoy your new home decor. The DIY light-up headboard is an easy and affordable addition to a bedroom of any size.

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