She Had No Idea Her Son Was “Kidnapped”. Then She Saw THIS Online…

Lindsey Paris panicked when she saw photos of her son online. She soon realized that the photos had been posted by a completed stranger. Paris was interviewed by USA Today, and she stated that it was a very scary experience. The stranger was referring to her son as “my son” or “my baby.”

Lindsey says that it is like playing house online. This type of behavior is referred to as digital kidnapping. It is when someone takes another person’s photos from an Instagram or Facebook page and claims that they are the parent. Digital kidnapping is more common than many people realize.

Lindsey says that she reached out to the person who had stolen her pictures. She says that the woman apologized and took the photos down. However, Lindsey warns that it may not be as easy for other people to get photos removed.

Lindsey is now warning people that what happened to her can happen to anybody. One of the best things that can be done to prevent digital kidnapping is to be very careful of what you post online. If you post photos of your child online, then you should only make them visible to family members and friends.

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