She Calmly Accepts Ticket From Police, Later Theres An Unexpected Knock On House’s Door

She Calmly Accepts Ticket From Police, Later Theres An Unexpected Knock On House’s Door

Adversarial relationships with the police have been hogging the headlines all across America. Interactions with law enforcement officers have ranged from them being asked to not dine at certain establishments to armed conflicts occurring within our borders. The problem with this is that these drastic events do not reflect the daily interactions that the majority of the population have with the men and women in blue. Take for example a traffic stop that occurred recently in Brevard County. Here is just one example of where the heart trumps all else when it comes to people in our proud country.

Cocoa, Florida did not prove to be bittersweet for a family that is down on their luck. Two deputies pulled the car over regarding a minor traffic violation. Strolling up to the car, two deputies saw a family blessed with love but lacking a few material possessions. The woman behind the wheel calmly accepted her fate and the ticket that came with the stop. Driving away, the officers were careful to note her details as they had something further in mind.

Genuine need propels the heart to greater things. Sean Cronin and Anthony Gonnelly decided that both for safety reasons and to help those in need that they had to go beyond the course of duty. Creating contact with the county’s Continuity Services Team, the two policemen assisted by two other staff members were able to procure a car seat for the family they pulled over the other day. With that done, it was time to go to the local grocery store to pick up some staples and a few extras for the lady and her loved ones.

A little while later came a knock on a suburban door. The same two members of law enforcement that had pulled her over were now at her door. She opened the door to see bags of groceries and a new car seat. With smiles on their faces, they presented the lady with these gifts to her family. Social media caught wind of this magic moment as this event generated more than 2,000 likes with close to 400 shares in a little less than a weeks time. Too many times the service aspect does not get noticed for those who are sworn to also protect us. Brevard County is just one sterling example of how the police and community can both prosper together with help from each other.

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