Seven Things You Can Assume About Anyone Who Is Voting For Trump

If you’re a conservative, great. If you’re a Christian, awesome! If you vote Republican, cool beans. If you identify with any of these things, I would probably not assume much of you, besides that you probably are a regular attendee of your local parish or that you may relatively depend on Fox for your news. However, if you were to tell me that you were voting for Donald Trump, that’d be a different story..

Voting for Donald Trump means either of the following: You want to be ruled, You have no class, one probably should not be doing business with you, you’re probably a racist, you’re most definitely a misogynist, you’re a Christian in name only, and you probably don’t support the constitution as much as you think you do. Here’s a list of reasons why:

1. Researchers show that many of the traits that Trump’s supporters share are actually traits of authoritarians. They obey, they listen, they rally, and they blindly follow.

2. A person with class doesn’t mock a disabled individual. A person with class doesn’t mock POW’s. A person with class doesn’t lust after his or her own children (or at least doesn’t openly admit to doing so). Also, a person with class doesn’t justify statutory rape. Voters with class do not support a candidate that participates in any of the activities listed above.

3. Trump lives in a magical land of falsehoods, where the citizens speak about whatever they feel (no matter of accuracy) and will most likely deny saying such things in the future. Integrity probably something that doesn’t come across as necessary to a Trump supporter.

4. Donald Trump has spewed out some very charged messages aimed at people of specific races. Anyone who feels comfortable with statements about how an entire race brings crime or accusing an entire race of being rapists is racist. It is best to accept this now.

5. If you really want your president to be a man who thinks it is okay to refer to women as pigs and dogs, then misogynist is the label for you!

6. If you are one to read scripture, I can absolutely, 100% assure you that none of Donald’s rhetoric aligns with the word of God.

and lastly,

7. As much as you have probably bashed President Obama for “disrespecting” the constitution, surely you wouldn’t want to abolish birthright citizenship, right? Well, your candidate Trump does. Where do you stand now?

It goes without saying that Trump supporters are mindless sheep that will follow nearly anything he says. They will defend his low actions and statements with their lives. I am always one to respect one who has a different opinion than me, but when it comes to Trump, it’s a no brainier. I already know what I need to know about you, and sorry, I have to be honest: I cannot respect you.

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