See How Man With No Limbs Went From Trying To Kill Himself To Inspiring Millions

See How Man With No Limbs Went From Trying To Kill Himself To Inspiring Millions

Nick Vuijcic was born without arms or legs due to tetra-amelia syndrome, an extremely rare disorder. With this unfortunate disorder, Nick has actually gone on to become a famous author and motivational speaker. He helps people get over the obstacles that are in their lives.

Nick is an Australian native who clearly knows how to overcome huge challenges. As you can imagine, he has never been able to hug his friends and family, feed himself, care for himself, or play sports but he turns his tragedy into a way to help people.

Nick commented, “For many years I felt it was sort of foolish to believe that God loved me when he gave me less than everyone else. I just wanted to have fun or get involved in things my friends were doing. It was difficult to believe that there was hope.” At age 10, he tried to kill himself because he did not feel like life was worth living anymore. He felt like it was certain that he had not real future and he could not bear the thought. This sad time in his life was later overcame by family support and faith in God.

He became a Christian and decided to leave his life in the hands of God. This path let him to using his pain to help others. He has now traveled the world helping people and actually wrote multiple books about his story. He even lives in California with a wife and a new son that they brought into the world in 2013. Fortunately, Nick stuck through all of the pain and found out that God indeed have a plan for him.

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