Sean Spicer Responds To Melissa McCarthy’s SNL Skit – He’s NOT Happy

Press Secretary Sean Spicer was not happy about a Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit that aired on February 4. In the segment, Melissa McCarthy portrayed Spicer as a gum-guzzling, screeching dictator. The show also aired another Alec Baldwin clip where he mocked President Trump’s phone calls with world leaders while being attended by Steve Bannon, who was dressed as the grim reaper.

Spicer said the Trump administration was extremely insulted by the show, and he personally thought McCarthy should tone down her act. He added that Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump had gone from humorous to just being mean, which detracted from the quality of the show. He concluded by saying that SNL used to be very funny and satirical, but it is now cruel and disrespectful.

Trump has been the subject of many SNL skits since his campaign started one year ago. After each show ended, he took to Twitter to voice his displeasure. It seemed to many that he was not able to deal with the mockery and parody that often accompanies running for office. Some experts are alarmed by Spicer’s comments, stating that the White House seems more concerned with Trump’s ego than the real issues facing the country.

Saturday Night Live is a comedy and satire hour that has aired on NBC since 1975. It usually features a known actor or other public figure for its “cold open” along with quality musical entertainment.

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