School Is Canceled Because Snow – So Principal Films Awesome Music Video in Empty Halls

As a kid, who didn’t love the free feeling of an unscheduled day off of school? Snow days were the best. But we never really looked at it from the school staff’s point of view. As adults, we probably at least suspect that the staff was just as happy as we were to have the day off, but one principal proves without a doubt that snow days aren’t just for kids.

Waterloo Elementary School principal Sean Martin from Maryland took it upon himself to show his students that they weren’t the only ones enjoying the snow.

Braving the snow to make it up to the school, Principal Martin made a video of himself referencing such film classics as Risky Business and Billy Madison. He also shows his basketball skills and does a short skit with one of the janitorial staff.

He also gave a shoutout to the hard work that the maintenance crew for their hard work and dedication to making both the school and school grounds are clean and safe for the kids when they do come back to school.

Give the video a watch and share, and help to spread the smiles and laughter. And remember, as my principal used to say, they’re not just our principals, they’re our ‘princ-i-PALS’!

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