Ron Howard Jumps To Meryl Streep’s Defense – Rips on Donald Trump

Ron Howard Jumps To Meryl Streep’s Defense – Rips on Donald Trump

The famous Ron Howard, known for his boyish face and incredible directing, has spoken up to support the one and only Meryl Streep. While it’s an actor of her magnitude needs defense, in this case, Howard’s words could not have come at a better time.

Earlier this week, Streep came under fire for her Golden Globes speech when she openly fired against President-elect Donald Trump for his attacks on a disabled reporter. She expressed her support and asked others to support her in fighting for the freedom of the press and allowing foreigners to stay in this nation. Her words, “Hollywood is crawling with foreigners, and if you kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts” was accepted and celebrated by a loud applause by all included in the room. And we all can relate to having someone in our family tree who has come to this great country from all over the world.

Streep’s speech was quickly, and I would love to say unexpectedly, attacked by Trump through his infamous outlet, Twitter. Although years ago, he was swooning on Twitter over Meryl Streep, he has quickly changed his opinion of her and chosen to call her “overrated”. Americans know that Trump has an Achilles Heel and cannot stand his image being publicly attacked. We all wait for his childish response on Twitter, and most of us laugh about them in quiet. But when a man who should be focused on the well-being of a country takes so much time to attack so many people on a social media site, we quiver a bit.

Ron Howard noticed the hypocrisy and fled to Streep’s defense. He tweeted about how one celebrity (Trump) can publicly bash anyone and anything he chooses, but how can it not be alright for another celebrity to do the same? It makes sense if we all really think about it. Trump has never been a part of politics. He has always been a celebrity. But he is reacting, not like a President but instead like a celebrity. He “claps back”.

How on earth are we all okay with this behavior? How is it acceptable for Trump to bash a woman’s looks if she is curvier than he prefers, but it is not okay for someone with public standing to bash his mockery and lies? If we made a list (and some have) of everyone Trump has attacked on Twitter since the election campaigning began, it would far surpass who Meryl Streep has bashed. Yet, Republicans still support this man that they voted into office despite his blatant lies and disgusting behavior.

Ron Howard stepped up, as will many other celebrities as I foresee, and defended a woman who has the same rights to speak what matters to her as The Donald. Democrats are still scratching their heads as to how he won the election while Republicans are celebrating his brash, outspoken mockery and lies and his psychological abuse, raising fear in the heart of Americans. I, for one, will be waiting to see all the celebrities that come out to support Streep as Ron Howard has done. These two people, Ron Howard and Meryl Streep, have opened a doorway for others to speak out against this crap that many Americans have accepted as what is best for our nation.

We should be thankful for public figures such as Ron Howard who are not afraid to come against Trump, no matter his title, and speak out against his questionable choices and sayings. No, Kellyanne Conway, we do not have x-ray vision. We do hold him up to what he says, and we cannot see his heart.

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