Road-Raging Gun Owner Brutally Murders Preschooler On New Mexico Freeway. Where’s The GOP Now?

Road-Raging Gun Owner Brutally Murders Preschooler On New Mexico Freeway. Where’s The GOP Now?

In another ugly display of disregard for human lives, a gun owner in New Mexico was driving along a freeway in New Mexico when he decided to illustrate how “responsible gun control” works in American life.

One member of the Bernalillo County Sheriff department had spotted what he believed to be a vehicle in distress along the I-40 freeway in the Albuquerque area. When he pulled over and upon investigating he learned that a man had pulled up alongside the truck and discharged a firearm multiple times, brutally murdering a 4-year-old passenger. Thanks to tips from area residents, the police identified the shooter as 32-year-old Tony Torrez. The police said that the man confessed to the shooting after being brought in for questioning. Both of the child’s parents were in the vehicle at the time of the shooting and are reported to have escaped the incident without any bodily harm. Their little one was the only victim.

The Albuquerque Chief of Police, Gorden Eden, commented during a press conference that there was no known motivation or explanation for the shooting besides road rage. The alleged murderer, Torrez, had been previously charged with a variety of offenses, including several felonies, such as aggravated assault and threatening another motorist with a gun. But of course this maniac was still able to get his hands on a firearm. Because this is America, dammit! The charges were dropped in those cases due to a lack of cooperation by witnesses. Drivers who keep a firearm in their vehicles are known to be more likely to become involved in road rage incidents, and the shooting calls into question whether our attitude towards gun control moves us to act to stem this violent epidemic.

A similar incident occurred in August of this year in the Albuquerque area. A driver along the I-25 also pulled a gun while at the wheel, though that incident was not fatal. The driver targeted made an attempt to film his aggressor when it became apparent that the situation had turned threatening, ultimately deterring the enraged driver from doing anything.

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