Republicans Accusing Hillary Of ‘Making Up Quotes’, So She Sourced Every One And Blasted Them

Republicans Accusing Hillary Of ‘Making Up Quotes’, So She Sourced Every One And Blasted Them

With the presidential election coming up in just a few months, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are receiving plenty of attention. When Clinton gave a speech about foreign policy in the middle of June, many Republicans took it as an attack on Trump. In response, Trump tweeted, “In Crooked Hillary’s teleprompter speech yesterday, she made up things that I said or believe but have no basis in fact. Not honest!” Clinton’s campaign team, however, had an excellent response.

Trump has made several untrue statements, and he sometimes changes his opinion on issues. CNN fact checks all of his statements so Americans can see whether he’s telling the truth and staying true to what he’s said before. In Clinton’s speech against Trump, she claimed that he spoke in support of Japan having a nuclear arsenal.

When Trump denied ever saying that, she also responded on Twitter. Her tweet simply stated, “You literally said all of those things.” She provided a link to her website, The Briefing, where viewers can read a line-by-line breakdown of her speech. Everything she claimed that Donald Trump said was backed up with sources and links.

Clinton and her campaign team even found the interviews and press conferences where Trump claimed to know more about ISIS that military generals, and he said he doesn’t see a problem with abandoning America’s allies in NATO. He can try to deny his statements, but Clinton clearly laid out the indisputable proof.

At this point in the presidential race, support for Trump and Clinton is about evenly divided. The two have been attacking each other since the race began, and the situation will probably only get more intense throughout the summer and into the fall. Candidates of all parties sometimes try to misconstrue the truth, hoping that voters will believe them without fact checking. Whether you support Trump, Clinton, or a different candidate, fact checking is essential before believing everything a candidate says.

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