Reporter Facing Arrest For Covering Pipeline Protest – The Story They Don’t Want You To Hear

Many media outlets are busy covering the election and other important events that are taking place in the world. Amy Goodman has spent her time with an issue that several people are happy to hear about, but she now has an arrest warrant with her name. Goodman is an anchor for PBS and has been covering the Dakota Access Pipeline.

There are a few protests involved with the pipeline. It’s an issue that takes pipelines and banks against Native Americans. The Native Americans want to protect the water that is rightfully theirs.

They also want to keep large pipelines from being placed on their sacred burial grounds. Many Native American groups protested peacefully against the pipeline, but the company for Dakota Access turned to a different approach.

They used attack dogs and pepper spray to get their point across. Amy Goodman got involved with the protest, and she now has a warrant out for her for trespassing. Her story is one that should be heard by viewers, but it appears as the pipeline company doesn’t want the truth to be told by those who will listen. President Obama has put a halt on the development of the pipeline until the issues involved can be resolved.

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