President-Elect Trump: “Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘Settled’ Law”

President-Elect Trump: “Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘Settled’ Law”

President-Elect Donald Trump was recently interviewed on “60 Minutes.” He discussed his opinions on same-sex marriage during the interview. He stated that he was fine with gay marriage because it is an issue that has already been settled by the Supreme Court. Many people thought that Donald Trump was going to try to repeal the same-sex marriage law.

Donald Trump also discussed his stance on abortion. He stated that he is pro-life and the Roe Vs. Wade could be overturned. He stated that if Roe Vs. Wade was overturned, then the issue will go back to the states. If a woman wants to get an abortion and she lives in a state where it is illegal, then she would have to go to another state. He admitted during the debate that he was going to appoint Supreme Court judges who were pro-life.

Trump has spent most of his life in New York City, which is a liberal state. His views are different from many republicans. He addressed the transgender bathroom issue during the Republican National Convention. He stated that transgender people should use the bathroom that they feel comfortable using.

Many people have been rioting and protesting after the election of Donald Trump. During the interview, he told protesters that they should not be afraid. He also stated that people should stop the hate crimes.

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